The information you share comes directly from regulated sources, so it is already verified. Retrieve and transfer this reliable data in real time in complete security, and avoid the time-consuming subscription or registration processes!


Because we believe that your trust must be earned at all times, we are collectively committed to being transparent about the use of the MiTrust service and our business model.

Real time

With MiTrust, you no longer wait for your information to be validated and are no longer redirected to validate your temporary accounts. Get an immediate validation of your profiles in a few clicks!

MiTrust brings Security and Convenience to your daily life ...

Sharing your Mailing Address ...

Validating your mailing address during a registration or administrative application process? Often too long and tedious (sending an up-to-date proof of residence, receiving a letter with a code ...). MiTrust allows you to share your address instantly with an online service in a 100% online and 100% secure process. We bring you trust and convenience.

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Verifying your Profile / Identity ...

The problems of fraud and falsified profiles on the Internet are common and are an obstacle to its trouble-free use. MiTrust allows you to share online selected identity attributes (e.g. name, age, gender, etc.) obtained from trusted sources (digital electronic identity services, telecom operators, banks, utilities, etc.) in real time and with complete transparency. This service allows you to bring trust to your online profiles, while allowing you to maintain anonymity if you wish to!

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Do you sell my personal data?

NO, we do not sell any of your personal data, and we never will! Moreover, we do not even store them... Our business model is clear and transparent: we receive a service fee from the online services. Mitrust is and will always be free of charge for you.

Does MiTrust comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)?

Of course, we are fully compliant with all key aspects of the GDPR. Beyond mere compliance, respect for your privacy is our DNA and our raison d'être. Our service also enables service providers to be in compliance with the GDPR. We apply key principles such as privacy by design (art. 25), obtaining explicit consent (art. 32), data minimization (art. 5) and data portability (art. 20).

How secure is my data?

The best way to avoid the risk of data leaks and fraud is to avoid storing the data. With MiTrust, your data remains stored with your existing service providers. All data processed by MiTrust, especially your login credentials, are encrypted to protect them during the sharing process.

How do you retrieve my data?

We retrieve your data either through a direct online connection to your service provider or we automatically retrieve the data from the web page of your customer account for which you have provided the login credentials. Your data is considered to be trusted because it comes from trusted service providers with whom you already have a commercial relationship.