The information you transfer comes directly from trusted sources (banks, telecom operators, utility providers, etc...). It has therefore already been verified. Get a real time and safe onboarding while registering on a website!


Trust is not a given and needs to be deserved. We commit to be fully transparent in the provision of our service, in our business model and in our governance.

Real time

With MiTrust, no need for you to spend time waiting for the information shared to be validated by the online services. Get an immediate validation of your profile(s) !

MiTrust brings security and simplicity to your daily life...

Sharing your address...

Proving your postal address as you register on a website? Whether it is for the administration of for leasure, it can take a lot of time (scanning documents, receiving validation letter…). MiTrust allows you to share your address directly from your trusted service provider in real time with a 100% onlline and 100% secured process. Trust and convenience, that’s what we bring!

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To avoid issues like fake accounts and unsecure Peer-to-peer exchanges, we need to trust one’s another’s identity on websites and communities. MiTrust allows you to share online selected identity attributes (name, age, gender…) obtained from trusted sources (national ID e-services or documents, banks, telecom operators, utilities…) in real time and with full transparency. This service allows you to be trusted online while keeping your anonymity if you wish to.

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Frequently Asked

Are you going to sell my Personal Data?

NO, we don't and will never do. We do not even store them... We collect and share your data only when you explicitly instruct us to do so. Our business model is clear and transparent: we are only paid by the websites you decide to share data with as a technical fee and we have NO other source of revenue. MiTrust is free for the users and will always be.

Is MiTrust compliant with GDPR?

Of course we are fully compliant with every key aspects of the GDPR. Beyond a simple compliance, your Privacy protection is our DNA and at the heart of the Design of our organisation. We have implemented: Privacy by design (art.25), explicit consent collection (art.32), data minimization (art.5) and data portability (art.20).

How are my data secured?

The best way to avoid data leaks and frauds is to avoid storing your data. MiTrust does not store your data which remain with your service provider. All data processed by MiTrust, in particular your credentials, are encrypted to protect them during the transfer.

How do you collect my data ?

We collect the data either through a direct connection to your service provider's IT system whenever its possible, or automatically on the web page of your user account for which you have accepted to provide your credential. Your data can be trusted as they come from trusted providers with whom you have already a commercial relationship.