Today, the secure sharing of personal data is often long and complicated

While simple and fast sharing often involves risks for your data

MiTrust’s ambition is to overcome this paradox by allowing personal data to be shared in a simple and secure way 


Our Solution

Today, to access a new online service (neighbourhood site, opening a bank account, applying for a loan, etc.), you have to provide personal data and supporting documents via a generally long and tedious process


With MiTrust, share in real time and under your strict control the personal data already verified by your service providers (your bank, your telecom operator…)


MiTrust neither stores nor uses your personal data

MiTrust revolutionizes data sharing


Share data that has already been verified because it comes from your existing service providers


Retrieve and transmit your data in a few clicks in a 100% online process


You select the data you share


MiTrust neither stores nor uses your personal data


Drastic reduction of the carbon footprint of data sharing (paperless, no unnecessary storage, etc.)

An infinite number of use cases for a simplified digital experience

I need to verify my mailing address on a neighbourhood site

I use

An infinite number of use cases for a simplified digital experience

I have to prove that I am 18 years old to download an online game

I use

An infinite number of use cases for a simplified digital experience

I need to share my IBAN with a payment application

I use

An infinite number of use cases for a simplified digital experience

I am asked to share my monthly income on an online savings account site

I use

A responsible sharing of your data

We retrieve your data transparently and securely

Because transparency is part of our DNA, we retrieve the information you want to share by two methods: a direct connection to your regular service provider’s computer system or by using your login credentials that you have provided us.

We do not store your data

Our platform allows you to retrieve your personal data from your regular service providers. Your data remains stored with them and all data processed by MiTrust – including your login details – is encrypted to protect it during sharing.

We do not use your data

Because we have developed a platform that ensures a secure and anonymous exchange, we do not see, use or store your personal data, except for data strictly necessary to contact you, verify your identity and access your data sources in the case of creating a MiTrust account.

Our business model is clear and transparent: we receive a commission from online services and we do not charge you for a fee for sharing personal data online.

We share data under your control

You only share your personal data on your own initiative and with the online services you want. We give you the choice of the source you want to use to share your personal data.

For some online services, you may prefer to remain anonymous while sharing some personal data. Your anonymity may nevertheless be lifted at the formal request of a public authority.

We respect the letter...and the spirit of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Because your privacy is our DNA, we respect all aspects of the GDPR and implement key principles such as Privacy by Design (s. 25), explicit consent gathering (s. 32), data minimization (s. 5) as well as portability (s. 20) and age verification (s. 8). Our solution also allows providers to be in compliance with GDPR.

Our Sectors

Financial services

Telecom operators

Collaborative economy


Dating sites