Data Sources

To configure a new data source, or maintain an existing one, our technicians need to analyze the technical content of a real user account and thus configure the data extraction process.


To help us achieve this technical configuration, contribute to our program by selecting your usual service provider (energy, telecom or other) and entering your access data.


That’s it, that’s all! It takes about 2 minutes.


  • We use automated tools that anonymize your data,
  • Your login credentials are encrypted and automatically deleted after 90 days,
  • No action is taken without your explicit consent,
  • We respect the letter… and the spirit of the RGPD.


Sample Screens for simple and fast Job Completion

Frenquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why trust MiTrust?

  • MiTrust is an established and growing European digital business serving customers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy (learn more about us here),
  • MiTrust is a European Banking Authority accredited AISP (Account Information Service Provider) with the identification code 17368 (CIB),
  • All Login Credentials are encrypted (banking-grade security),
  • Being European Data Protection Regulation Compliant (GDPR) is central to our entire business model and operations,
  • All your data is automatically deleted after 90 days,
  • No action is taken without your explicit consent.
  • We use automated tools that anonymise your data,
  • Some of our customers : Nextdoor, Nebenan, Mesvoisins, Voisins Vigilants et Solidaires, Frichti, Cegedim SIRH, Nickel.
 Who is MiTrust?

MiTrust is a European Banking Authority accredited company, on a mission to revolutionise digital processes that companies use to securely register and verify new users on their platforms. The paradigm change is giving users total control over data-protection compliant sharing of their own, already verified, personal data from their existing Service Provider Accounts. To learn more review our FAQs or contact us.

MiTrust operates a secure data sharing platform, commercialy launched in 2018 and now active in France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy (learn more about us here).

MiTrust is approved by the ACPR (administrative authority integrated into the Banque de France) as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP), and therefore conforms to their strict standards in terms of security, compliance, governance and assurance.

You may also read our Legal Notices.


Why is MiTrust offering these Jobs?

To maintain and enhance our Secure Data Sharing Services, our technicians require live tests with account holders of Service Providers through MiTrust.

This allows us to simulate the normal use of the MiTrust Service with our customers and ensure our services are functioning well for various types of Account Holders.

While optimising our service, tests are repeated by our technicians in an automated and confidential procedure for technical purpose only.

To help us improve this technical configuration on an ongoing basis, we require such jobs to be completed for various types of Service Providers (e.g. Mobile Phone, Internet, Electricity).